Crucible is a frenzied arcade-style shooter built with real-time physics and beautiful art and sound.
Pilot a lone star-fighter against waves of incoming asteroids in a variety of environments with an exciting arsenal of plasma cannons, missiles, and a secret, special unlockable weapon gained through game-play.



What are the PC and Mac requirements for Crucible?

PC + Mac System Specs:
CPU: 2.0GHZ or better
GPU: Nvidia 9800GT / ATI Radeon 4870 or better
RAM: 1GB DDR2 or better
DirectX: Directx 9 or better
HDD space: 500 MB
Audio: Stereo Headphones or better

Who made Crucible?

Crucible is a Mjolnir Software game. Mjolnir Software, LLC is an independent software development company, focusing on games. Mjolnir Software was filed as an LLC in 2013. The group began to form in 2011, and evolved over time. The initial RTS concepts were conceived approximately eight years ago. Ideas are contributed by everyone on the team, with our games being the results of these ideas.

We are a diverse, international team of programmers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, and entrepreneurs; unified by our passion for science fiction presented through the level of technology, artistic expression, and experience found only in games. Crucible is our first arcade-style game. We are currently developing a mobile game and an RTS game, all for multiple platforms, and each based in our original sci-fi universe.

I need help!

Please visit the Crucible Help forum.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon